Alias Index

We are creating an encyclopedia of Alias characters, places, and terms. Right now this only covers season one, and more updates are coming soon!

Abby Will Tippin’s British co-worker and friend at the Los Angeles Register.

Alice Vaughn’s former girlfriend.

Alliance of Twelve, The A group of former intelligence agents that deal in weapons, intelligence, and other commodities to further their agenda and influence world affairs. Made up of numbered “cells” designated by “SD.”

Angels of Mercy Hospital Hospital operated by SD-6 in Los Angeles.

Barnett, Dr. Judy CIA counselor.

Bernard, Charlie Former boyfriend of Francie Calfo.

Bluebird One of Sydney Bristow’s SD-6 call signs.

Briault, John Alliance member, based in Montreal. Killed by Arvin Sloane after being framed by Edward Poole as a traitor.

Bristow, Jonathan Donahue “Jack” Former FBI agent, recruited by supervisor Arvin Sloane into SD-6. Double agent in SD-6 for the CIA.

Bristow, Laura Alias for Irina Derevko, while on assignment in America for KGB. Married to Jack Bristow until she staged her death.

Bristow, Sydney Anne CIA operative working as a double agent inside SD-6 along with her father, Jack Bristow. Originally recruited into SD-6 unaware that it was a branch of the Alliance.

Bryant, Kobe Los Angeles Laker basketball player. Object of obsession by Francie Calfo.

Calder, Bentley Real name: Igor Sergei Valenko. Former FBI agent, was actually double agent for KGB. Believed killed in a car wreck involving Laura Bristow, but actually faked his death. Killed years later by the “Snowman” (Noah Hicks).

Calfo, Francie Childhood friend, roommate of Sydney Bristow.

Campbell, Stella Woman who informed Sydney Bristow that Charlie Bernard had been cheating on Francie Calfo.

Canyon Creek Bridge Location of the car accident that supposedly killed Laura Bristow.

Case 332-L CIA case number regarding the investigation into Laura Bristow's death. Details of the case removed from Jack Bristow's CIA file.

Christophe, Alain One of the "Alliance of Twelve."

Circumference Name for one of Rambaldi’s creations (Mueller Device), object of focus for “The Man.”

Club Panthera Athens club owned by Minos Sakkoulas.

Cole, McKenas Former SD-6 agent, now an associate of "The Man," led a raid of SD-6 headquarters to retrieve a Rambaldi artifact. Now in U.S. custody.

Credit Dauphine SD-6 cover company where Arvin Sloane, Sydney Bristow, Jack Bristow, Marcus Dixon, and Marshall Flinkman work.

Dahlgren, Brandon K-Directorate agent on whom Agent Dixon planted a bug.

Department of Special Research (DSR) Division of the National Security Agency investigating the Rambaldi prophecy.

Derevko, Irina Former KGB operative, now freelance, once known as “The Man.”. Once married to Jack Bristow as part of an undercover assignment. Mother of Sydney Bristow.

Devlin, Ben Director of the CIA Los Angeles branch.

Dixon, Diane Wife of Marcus Dixon.

Dixon, Marcus R. SD-6 agent, partner of Sydney Bristow.

Donato, Giovanni Clockmaker and only known collaborator of Milo Rambaldi. Rumoured to have been granted long life by Rambaldi. May have been killed by Anna Espinoza after fixing Rambaldi clock; truth unknown.

Dreiberg Diamonds Shell company used to establish the alias Christiana Stevens for Sydney Bristow.

Dreyer, Karl SD-6 mole hunter who suspects Sydney is a double agent.

Driscoll, Severin Master forger, military advisor. Lives on Semba Island. Created new identity for Ineni Hassan.

Edgar Peace Prize Humanitarian award once given to Dhiren Patel.

Espinoza, Anna K-Directorate agent, Rambaldi follower.

Evans, Carson Head investigator from the Department of Special Research. Placed Sydney Bristow under arrest in the Rambaldi investigation.

Flinkman, Marshall J. SD-6 technical operations officer. Responsible for creating devices for field use by SD-6 agents.

Freelancer Sydney Bristow’s common CIA call sign

Fordson, Petr Creator of the terahertz wave camera.

FTL Terrorist group based in Hong Kong.

Gerace, Logan Accountant for Ineni Hassan.

Haladki, Steven Former FBI officer, then CIA officer in the Los Angeles office. Double agent for “The Man.” Killed during interrogation by Jack Bristow.

Hassan, Ineni Weapons manufacturer/smuggler. Death faked by Jack Bristow, now in federal witness protection program.

Hecht, Daniel Medical student, former fiance of Sydney Bristow. Killed by SD-6 when he learned Sydney was an undercover agent.

Hensel Corporation German company that has developed a vaccine for biological weapons.

Hicks, Noah SD-6 agent, former boyfriend of Sydney Bristow, and freelance contract killer known as “The Snowman.” Killed by Bristow during a fight.

Ivankov, Ilyich Former head of K-Directorate. Killed by Mr. Sark.

Ivanov, Milovich Alias for a burial plot in Buckingham, Virginia where the KGB hid a nuclear weapon.

Jacqnoud, Luc Moroccan national, terrorist. Attempted to bomb UCO conference.

Jennings Aerospace SD-6 cover company where Jack Bristow was an “employee”.

Jenny Will Tippin’s intern at the Los Angeles Register.

Joey’s Pizza Fake business used as an indicator for Sydney Bristow to contact the CIA.

Jones, Kate Alias for Sydney Bristow. Used by SD-6 trainee Eloise Kurtz to “throw” Will Tippin off of the investigation into Danny Hecht’s murder.

Kessar, Lavro K-Directorate lieutenant confronted by Mr. Sark in Moscow.

Kelvin, Paul CIA officer who impersonated Jeroen Schiller within SD-6.

Kendall CIA Assistant Director who leads a task force investigating Sydney Bristow and the Prophecy of Rambaldi.

Kenny Charlie Bernard's nephew

Kessar, Lavro K-Directorate lieutenant who assumes command after Sark kills Ilyich Ivankov.

Khasinau, Dr. Alexander Former KGB Lt. Colonel, second in command for “The Man,” Irina Derevko.

Kishell Informant for Michael Vaughn who lives in Bogota. Disfigured by the “Snowman.”

Kreshnik, Dr. FTL operative who runs the Mangalev Asylum in Bucharest.

Kurtz, Eloise SD-6 trainee who claimed to be Kate Jones to throw Will Tippin off of Sydney's spy trail. Assassinated by Security Section.

LaFont, Patrice Alias of Will Tippin used when he left France.

Latajang Weapon used by followers of Raslak Jihad. Used by Sydney and Sark in a duel.

Los Angeles Register Newspaper where Will Tippin worked.

Magnific Order of Rambaldi Name for the order for followers of Rambaldi. Identified with this symbol: <0>

Man, The See Irina Derevko.

Mangalev Asylum K-Directorate-run asylum in Bucharest.

McCullough, Agent SD-6 Security Section officer.

McNeil, David Computer programmer, in prison after being framed for embezzlement by SD-6, so they could use his software. Assisted Will Tippin in his investigation of SD-6.

McNeil, Kelly Daughter of David McNeil.

Mount Aconcagua Mountain in Argentina; site of the cave where the Rambaldi Journal was hidden.

Mount Subasio Mountain in Italy mentioned in Rambaldi prophecy.

Mueller, Oskar Owner of a number of Rambaldi documents that were stolen by FTL.

Mueller Device A strange looking, arch-shaped device that is capable of levitating a liquid-filled red ball. Additional details of how device works unknown. Also known as “The Circumference.”

Needles of Fire Torture devices used by McKenas Cole.

Parkishoff, Gareth FTL operativewhoe DNA was encoded into a secret musical code. Killed by Martin Shepard.

Patel, Dhiren Indian delegate to the United Nations. Edgar Peace Prize winner. Nearly assassinated with an implanted explsive in his chest, but saved by Marcus Dixon.

Poole, Edward Head of SD-9. Betrayed the Alliance by conspiring with Alexander Khasinau. Removed as SD-9 head by the Alliance. Fate unknown.

Pope Alexander VI Pope for whom Milo Rambaldi was chief architect.

Quan Li Former head of FTL. Assassinated by Mr. Sark.

Quintero, Antonio SD-6 agent killed investigating Rambaldi artifact in Taipei.

Rambaldi, Milo Pope Alexander VI’s chief architect, excommunicated for heresy, sentenced to death for heretic statements. Inventor of a number of technological devices. Believed to be a prophet. Died in 1496.

Ramon Alliance member who orders Sloane not to kill Khasinau, but use him to gather intelligence.

Raslak Jihad Terrorist organization of whom Sydney impersonates as a follower who has stolen Rambaldi artifacts in a plan to lure out Khasinau.

Rockamore’s Restaurant in Abita Springs, Louisiana where legend says the devil spits in their frying pan to make the hot sauce really hot.

Russek, Anthony Ernesto SD-6 agent, assassinated by Sloane after Jack Bristow forged evidence portraying him as a traitor, to cover Sydney’s CIA activities.

Sakkoulas, Minos Former associate of Ineni Hassan. Owner of Athens club, Club Panthera. Tried to take over Hassan’s dealings. Killed in a booby-trapped silo in Crete.

Sark, Julian Director of Operations for “The Man.” Killed Quan Li and Ilych Ivankov, among many others.

Schiller, Dr. Jeroen Scientist who created vaccine for biological weapons.

SD Stands for “Section Desparu: The section that doesn’t exist." Term used to designate the various cells of the Alliance.

SD-6 The Los Angeles-based cell of the Alliance. Headed by Arvin Sloane.

SD-9 British cell of the Alliance. Headed by Edward Poole (later "retired").

Security Section Subdivision of SD-6. Among tasks: find and eliminate moles within SD-6, and trail SD-6 operatives to ensure they do not compromise their cover. Led by Agent McCullough.

Semba Island Kenyan resort where Ineni Hassan had his identity changed.

Shepard, Martin Assassin trained by SD-6 Agent McCullough. Killed, among others, Danny Hecht.

Sloane, Arvin Head of SD-6. Formerly with Army Corps of Engineers, CIA. Log-time associate of Jack Bristow.

Sloane, Emily Wife of Arvin Sloane.

Snowman, The Contract killer. See Noah Hicks.

Stevens, Christiana Alias for Sydney Bristow. Stevens supposedly works for Dreiberg Diamonds.

Stephanie, Aunt Francie Calfo's aunt, who gave Francie a coffeemaker as a wedding gift.

Stoller, Robert David McNeil’s lawyer. Now guardian of McNeil’s daughter.

Subasio, Mt. Italian mountain mentioned in Rambaldi prophecy.

Suit and Glasses” Name given to unnamed torturer in Taiwan who interrogated both Sydney and Will.

Tippin, Will Newspaper reporter, friend of Sydney Bristow.

Trattoria de Nordi Restaurant in Rome. Personal favorite of Michael Vaughn.

United Commerce Organization (UCO) International organization whose conference was the target of an attack by Luc Jacqnoud. Attack foiled by Marcus Dixon and Sydney Bristow.

Valenko, Igor Sergei KGB agent. Real name of Bentley Calder.

Vaughn, Michael CIA agent. Handler for Sydney Bristow. Father killed by Irina Derevko.

Vaughn, William C. Former CIA agent. Father of Michael Vaughn. Killed by Irina Derevko.

Weiss, Eric CIA agent, friend and partner of Agent Michael Vaughn.

Wexler, Agent SD-6 operative, killed by Alexander Khasinau’s men during search for microchip, which he had swallowed.