Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bradley Cooper is GQ's cover man, discusses his Alias days

Bradley Cooper is on the cover of the new GQ, and in an interview he talks about leaving Alias. Cooper says he was upset over his diminishing screen time, and asked J.J. Abrams to write him off the show. He even says he was suicidal during his final days on the set, but it sounds like he meant that figuratively, as he doesn't elaborate. In the months that followed, Cooper says he began drinking and using drugs, but straightened his life out, and we all know the rest.

I wonder how many of the Alias female fanbase is now willing to admit that they hated him on the show back then. The outcry from female fans against the Will Tippin character (for creating a love triangle with Sydney and Vaughn) was so huge, it played a big part in his character being marginalized in the second season.

To read the whole article (careful, there's strong language, as Bradley's very colorful) click here to visit the GQ site.