Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Victor Garber and Jennifer Garner, together again

Just like our last post, more Alias stars visit Victor Garber while he performs in New York. Here, Jennifer Garner stopped in after not seeing her TV dad in a while, and as you can see, she got pretty emotional. It's a great photo, and it is obvious these two share a bond. It's just too bad we'll never see them in an Alias reunion. Garber himself recently shot down any chance of that. Of course, if you saw the finale, you know why that's obvious.

Victor Garber and Bradley Cooper reunite!

Victor Garber has been performing in New York recently, and several Alias actors have come by to support him. This time, it's Bradley Cooper, who apparently holds no ill will that Spy Daddy Jack Bristow treated Will Tippin so badly all those years. Enjoy!